33. Why?

How many times did I seek an answer to the tragic problem, particularly during the critical days: why were we not helped in our struggle for freedom? In this struggle when the Ukrainian people were baring their chests to an overwhelming enemy, and at the same time defending the West! Why did not those, in whose hands rested the opportunity once and for all to determine with finality the struggle of millions of peoples for political liberation from Moscow and for complete national statehood, consider the pleas and aspirations of those peoples? Where should we seek the genesis of aid extended by the West to all kinds of Russian imperialists like Denikin and Co.? All these western nations have, in the course of their own history, traversed the stage of struggle for national liberation, for the national and personal freedom of their people.

Is there really truth behind the German statement (Jurgens Thorwald) that "whom the gods will destroy, they punish with blindness?" Did not the leaders of the free world see in their blindness (a political blindness) that they were giving power to the threatening force to rise to a position of being able to destroy them and their nations?

If one hears sometimes that the West was harboring a conviction that the Ukrainians were identical Bolsheviks with the Moscow Bolsheviks, (thesis of Russian White guardists) how come they did not see a telling sign in the fact that those same Ukrainians were fighting Moscow?

The reason is difficult to find. Perhaps history will some day shed light on it. For it is hard to believe that Ukraine was refused aid and permitted to have untold, unnecessary, sacrifices in war through the influence of people like Milyukov, Sazonov, Izvolsky and Co. But if it were so, then Messrs. David Lloyd George, Georges Clemenceau and Company had been acting in conspiracy with those enemies of the Ukrainian nation and of other nations enslaved by Moscow, and they are guilty of bequeathing to the world a life of tension and uninterrupted worries. They bequeathed to the world the perverted idea of Marx, and the practices of Stalin and Hitler, and the future practices of Khrushchev. They were guilty of World War II, and if a new world cataclysm takes place, it will be their fault, too.

Does the Western world finally realize what it has to face in the future? Is there any hope that the era of blackmail will end someday, and mankind will be able to live in peace instead of having to think about constructing shelters and readying for the most difficult times? Continued uninterrupted tension and readiness for war will bring mankind to a nervous breakdown, with spiritual and material impoverishment.

All those who know the essence and method of action of Moscow imperialism which, in one form or another has always the same purposes, and under presently existing circumstances is characterized by a cynical disregard of the free world, keep warning of the danger. It must be noted, however, that the warnings are not heeded because more attention is paid to "expert advisers" with Americanized names instead of to voices of the nations who are in the vanguard of the struggle against red slavery in the shape of Moscow imperialism. Those advisers and the proponents of Russian indivisibility at all cost would gladly reconcile themselves with facts of annihilation of entire nations only for the sake of keeping Russia intact, be it called the USSR or any other name. They give approval, at least silent, to facts of destroying by hunger of the resistance of Ukrainians and others. Does the West realize that; "peasants (Ukrainian), who had once supplied half of Europe with grain, went to the cities for a piece of bread which was being taken away from them because they refused to be volunteer ants in a new slave order . . . cold peasant huts smitten by the hand of famine turned into huge coffins with swollen corpses. The peasants could not get up all day, they looked at their homes from which roofs had been torn off to heat soup made of weeds and ribs of the last cats and dogs in the village. The more healthy peasants went to the cities begging hopelessly for bread, city streets were thickly covered with corpses, thousands of them on sidewalks, in roadways, and in alleys. There were daily reports of instances of cannibalism. Near a small railroad station a factory was discovered making sausages from the flesh of children. Two barrels with salted meat were found meat from children. There were also instances where mothers with several children would kill the younger and feed the older with their flesh that's how they saved some..."26 All this was done on Stalin's orders in 1933 when over 6,000,000 Ukrainians perished in the famine. Nobody even protested. And the "genius" Stalin camouflaged the terror with a phrase "life is better, life is happier now."

Whole nations have been made to disappear, the Crimean and Volga Tatars, the freedom-loving peoples of the Caucasus and Turkestan: slowly made to disappear are the Baltic nations, the Komi, and others.

The whole world, and particularly the unfortunate nations in the "happy Soviet paradise" owe former President Harry S. Truman a debt of gratitude for his timely and excellent exposure of the Soviet political swindle, when he opposed the attack on Korea with arms.

Mention should be made of the fact that the Communists tried to destroy the Ukrainians by direct means. Working within the UNRRA and IRO they tried to get at those Ukrainians who had managed to flee the USSR and were now in DP camps. They had their agents in these institutions also men in top positions, e.g. Menshikov, but it was mainly through secret agents that the Soviets got their men installed as commandants or chiefs of DP camps. They used all possible means to compel Ukrainian and other DPs to go "back home." We are deeply grateful to General Lucius Clay who, as Commander of the American Zone in Germany looked into these matters, cleaned out the Communists, and halted the crimes being committed on the DPs.

The hand of the red conspiracy can be discerned all over. But now Moscow is looking for a way out by provoking a clash between the United States and China, Moscow fearing the latter's potential growth. In this instance a far-sighted United States policy should be able to see which way to direct this potential aggression of China, arising from ethnical necessities. The Russian historian and writer V. Soloviev foresaw the present situation in his novel "The Yellow Peril."

In perspective of time the world is facing, sooner or later, a contest of decision, and if the West will continue along the same road of concessions and compromises, in which Moscow is always the winner, and if it will have no political foresight or simply no political plan, then one does not have to be a prophet to see the final victory of communism.

Regarding the past which should be looked upon as the source of the present and of the future, it is necessary to state clearly today: if the Ukrainian people had been given help in their struggle, and if such help had been forthcoming to other nations, there would have been no World War II because there would have been no Bolsheviks nor Stalin to help Hitler rise to power. There would be no Bolshevism if the West had not permitted the Moscow imperialists to conquer Ukraine. Haven't these events taught us a lesson?

The End.



[26] "Paradise" - Wasyl Barka; published by "Svoboda" 1953 N.Y.